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speech disorders


Problem that interferes with fluency of speech. Person will repeat first part of word or hold single sound for prolonged period.

Eg. Wa wa water or caaaaake


Another problem that makes person’s speech difficult to understand. It also affects fluency and flow of speech.

It is a language disorder. Person has trouble in getting out words what they want to say.

Articulation disorder

Errors people can make when talking ,substitution of w for an r(wabbit for rabbit)

(Cool for school)

Adding sounds like (pinanio for piano)


It is a oral motor speech disorder.problem with motor coordination or motor planning.

Difficulty in moving structures and muscles which are responsible for producing speech.

Restricted tongue movement.

Cleft palate

Hole in the roof of the mouth which affects the movement of air through oral and nasal passages. Also problem in oral motor organs which are responsible for speech production.