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Our Services Special education

Special education programs and services adabt content, teaching, methodology and delivery instructons to meet the appropriate need of each child. Special Educator works to reduce the effect of difficulty . Special educator not only help the special children to improve cognition, he also help the normal child who is having difficulty in education , make the child to understand the basic concepts of education, maths and watching time. Special educator work with various child whose IQ  level is less then normal, lessen the behavioral issues such as autism, ADHD, improving IQ .Special Educator has important role in learning disability.


Area of work

  • Attention
  • Cognition
  • Learning
  • Behavior modification
  • Perceptual disorders
  • Developing or improving child memory
  • Increasing social interaction
  • Develop confidence in child
  • Improving community orientation
  • Works on academics

Reading (Dyslexia)

Phonological awareness

Reversal (b as d, saw as was)


Omission and submission


Proper formation

Spatial concepts

Writing speed

Improving the hand writing


Written expression

Expressive (two way conversation)

Abstract thinking

v  Concept development

Teaching time and money concept.

Teaching how to calculate

Open Arms Child Development Centre provide

  • Special education/ Edu
  • cational assessment (Grade level)
  • Remedial Education
  • IEP, Skill training
  • Behavior management
  • Perceptual cognitive training