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Our Services Running approaches

Early intervention program

OACDC deals with premature ,low birth weight babies or developmentally delayed babies where physical , mental, emotional, behavioural , sensory, motor and psychological development is not adequate.

We provide complete management of baby as early as possible.

Overall developmental therapy is given to child aged  8 moths to 5 yrs.

Behavior modification program

OACDC deals with children having behavioural problems due to which they doesn’t interact with siblings, parents, teachers ,and people in the society.

These children face serious problems in schools and in society.

This program is advised for children with AUTISM, ADHD, ADD, Unadjustable children, Children having stranger Anxiety, Antisocial behavior and sleep disturbances etc.

This approach helps the child

  • To get adjusted with children of same age group, siblings, parents and within society.
  • Increase social interaction
  • Decrease preschool age problems like head banging, thumb sucking, nail biting,masturbation etc
  • Decrease stranger anxiety
  • Decrease resistance to feeding.
  • Decrease resistance of child to parental interference.

Sensory integration therapy

Children with sensory dysfunction experiences problem with their sense of touch, smell, hearing, taste, sight, body coordination, movement against gravity, and decreased joint proprioception .

Different therapies for different senses

  • Tactile therapy
  • Firm and deep pressure 
  • Therapy to develop sense of smell
  • Proprioceptive system training
  • Vestibular system training
  • Learning new skills involving movements.

Sensory training improves daily function in children with autism, ADHD etc.

Educational support program

In the fast changing social environment there is lot of pressure on children due to which they are facing lot of problems due to competition, increased parents expectations and pressure of peer group.

This has adversely affected the personality of child.

Now children are facing difficulty in competing with rapid going syllabus. Due to which they are becoming less confident in academics.

OACDC provides educational support program for

  • Slow learners
  • Children having learning disability
  • DYSLEXIC child

Cognition enhancement program

This program helps in

  • Improving child IQ
  • Improving cognition, understanding, and intelligence of child.

Communication enhancement program

  • Helps the child to increase word vocabulary
  • Language development

Increase communication skills of child.