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developmental delay

Physical developmental delay or Motor developmental delay

Development delay should be suspected,if the child is not able to

  • Pull up to sit by four and half months
  • Roll over by five months
  • Sit without support by seven to eight months.
  • Stand holding on by nine to ten months.
  • Walk by fifteen months.
  • Climb up and  down the stairs by two years
  • Jumps with both feet by two and  half years
  • Stand momentarily on one foot by three years
  • Hop by four years n walk in a straight line back and forth or bounce on one foot for  five to ten seconds by 5 years.

Fine Motor Development

Parents should notice the fine motor development of child in initial age of child.                                                        

Parent should notice these things in his/her child.                                                                                 

  • Baby should be able to hold a rattle by 4 to 5 months.                                                                                                                                                             
  • Absence of pincer grasp by 10 to 11 months is a risk factor.                                                                                                         
  • Grasp reflex should not persist beyond 3 and half months.
  • Inability to put In or take out an object from cup by 15 months.
  • Inability to remove socks by self by 20months should arouse suspicion of delay.
  • Child should be able to build a tower of 5 blocks.
  • Scribble by 2 years.
  • Inability to turn pages of book

Language delay

Child is likely to be delayed in language development if he or she doesn’t

  • Babble by 5-6months
  • If he or she has less than 3 meaningful words in his or her vocabulary by 18 months
  • Can’t use 2 word phrases or repeat phrases by 2 years.

Cognitive development delay

Immediately parent should get alert

  • If child doesn’t become alert when mother is around by 2-3 months.
  • Not interested in playing
  • Doesn’t distinguish between short and long objects.
  • Doesn’t know his full name by 3 years
  • Doesn’t know address and birthday at the age of 5 and half years.